The process of setting up a business in Cambodia is dependent on what kind of business needs to be created. LocaWize can help clients to understand what kind of business license they should apply for and what kind of registration is necessary.


Company registration is a very important and necessary part of doing business in the Kingdom of Cambodia; a client must register their business at the Ministry of Commerce. This is the only way to receive the company’s constitutive documents. These include, certificate of incorporation, Articles of Association, and a business license. Business licenses are distributed according to the type of business that is being licensed.

Clients need to be clear about what their business does in order to get the correct business license. LocaWize can consult, advise and translate necessary documents to ensure this process is as easy as possible for clients.

LocaWize will ensure that all necessary documentation is in order and completed correctly so that company registration is as smooth
and quick as possible.

LocaWize’s team can consult and advise on the correct form of business license for our clients ensuring that our client’s businesses
are in full compliance with registration and licensing requirements in Cambodia. Without the necessary documentation and certification,
all the hard work that goes in to starting a business could be for nothing.

Limited liability company registration

The most common form of investment in Cambodia, a limited liability company (LLC), can be one hundred percent Cambodian owned or one hundred percent foreign owned, or any combination of the two, subject to certain governmental restrictions.

The formation of a limited liability company is done with registration of its articles of incorporation at the Ministry of Commerce. Certain records are obligatory for a Cambodian LLCs. LocaWize can help to ensure that company directors are fully compliant! For more details on how LocaWize can provide services and solutions for LLCs please click through.

Branch office

A foreign or local business may operate in Cambodia through a branch office. Foreign companies can open a branch office in Cambodia to do business in the country and/or run productive operations, provided they appoint a representative. Branches must have the same name as their foreign company.

One notable consideration for branches is that the foreign parent company may be liable for the losses and debts of the branch. For more information about how to create an authorized branch office, please click through.

Representative office

A representative office can be very useful for some investors in Cambodia. Representative offices are primarily concerned with sourcing local goods and services and collecting information for the parent company. They can also serve as a vehicle through which to promote and market an offshore parent’s products and services in the Kingdom. The establishment of an office in the country can provide great assistance to foreign investors wishing to gain entry to the Cambodian market.

There are many restrictions placed on the behaviours of a representative office, and it is important to fully understand these to ensure full compliance. Click through to discover more about how LocaWize can assist our clients in the creation and establishment of your office.