Our in-house team at LocaWize can provide clients with the most up to date reliable legal, accounting and tax consulting.

By ensuring these areas of bureaucratic necessity are wholly compliant, businesses can enjoy a superior level of comfort knowing that LocaWize have their backs and have advised them on the very best adherence policies.

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An increasingly important part of doing business in Cambodia is understanding the accounting, taxation and legal obligations of a registered business in the Kingdom. Taxation is the most important of these three responsibilities. Businesses must register with the Department of Taxation, once registered they will receive their Taxpayer Identification Number and they will also be able to register to pay Value Added Tax (VAT).

LocaWize is uniquely positioned to aid clients in the particulars of business establishment and can explain the legal system, systems of accounting, and taxation systems to our clients. We are also proud to provide the very best services to ensure their on-going compliance with Cambodian laws.


Cambodia’s trademark registration process can be a long and arduous journey. It can also be frustrating. Luckily LocaWize is here so our clients do not need to worry about hitting bureaucratic roadblocks due to minor mistakes, like incorrectly filed paper work.

We can ensure that our client’s trademark registration happens to as fast of a timeline as possible. Our clients can feel safe in the knowledge that LocaWize are experts at understanding and explaining the process. Our team strives to make sure this process causes minimal client stress and worry. Click through for more information on how we can help.

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Trademark registration in Cambodia can be a slow process. Many documents are required, but our team at LocaWize can help process the registration of a client’s trademark through the Department of Intellectual Property Rights.

LocaWize can help clients to negotiate the developing intellectual property frameworks in Cambodia and ensure that they are fully informed.


Navigating the confusing path of obtaining visas and work permits can be rather difficult, especially for those clients who are recent arrivals in Cambodia. LocaWize can help with explaining away that confusion.

We have all the information for an individual seeking a visa and work permit.

Alternatively if a client has established a business in Cambodia and wishes to employ foreign workers, LocaWize can consult on the legal number of foreign workers allowed to work in a business. LocaWize can help clients stay up to date with government changes to visa and work permit laws ensuring that businesses do not accidentally fall foul of the law.

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If clients want to establish a business in Cambodia the first thing they will need is a valid visa and a work permit. LocaWize consults at all stages of this application, ensuring that the correct visa is procured through the Department of Immigration.

Work permits are issued by the Cambodian Ministry of Labour and are usually valid for one year. LocaWize can also advise on official renewal periods for work permits, as well as consult on matters such as foreign worker quotas for a business.

In Cambodia an employer has certain responsibilities that LocaWize can help explain. Some of these responsibilities with regard to employees include, registering employees, assistance in arranging work permits, and withholding employees’ income tax. LocaWize can consult with our clients to ensure they are meeting their obligations with regard to work permits and visas for employees.


LocaWize is able to service our clients office space needs easily and comfortably with our office space solutions. Our clients can consult with our team and decide what kind of space they would like to rent. Our spaces can be organized at your request and this service also helps our clients to register their business.
Clients can utilize the address of their office space to help in
the business licensing and registration process.

Our office spaces are located very close to the Ministry of Commerce and the General Department of Taxation so we can also help facilitate travel to the ministry as needed. Conveniently we are also located close to the Phnom Penh International Airport, agreeably ensuring our clients do not have far to travel after they touch down on Cambodian soil.

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Our team at LocaWize are in a position to aid our clients at every step, and office space solutions is an area where we can make our clients journey to starting a business in Cambodia that much easier. Clients wishing to start a business in Cambodia must have a Cambodian address. Our rentable office spaces can serve as a base for our clients as they go through this process.

Our office spaces are located close to the Ministry of Commerce and the General Department of Taxation so we can also help facilitate travel to the ministry as needed. Conveniently we are also located close to the Phnom Penh International Airport, agreeably ensuring our clients do not have far to travel after they touch down on Cambodian soil.

LocaWize can provide a variety of office space solutions depending on our client’s needs. Whether a client is looking for a meeting room or a partitioned work space for a number of employees, our office spaces are the perfect solution for foreigners looking for a business set-up headquarters in Cambodia on a temporary or long term basis.


At LocaWize, we only employ fully qualified in-country translators, classified by industry-standard linguistic expertise and years of experience. LocaWize’s in house translation team can ensure culturally sensitive, up to date linguistically appropriate translation for our clients, ensuring that communications correctly portray the intended meaning on behalf of our clients.

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LocaWize’s translation services are of the very highest quality. The importance of interpreting idiosyncratic linguistic nuances cannot be under-appreciated. When translating from one language to another, an incorrect translation can result in embarrassing inaccuracies.

Our translation services are ISO 17100 certified, which guarantees the highest level of quality. Our team of in-country translators offer linguistic translation services for over 55 Asian and European languages. A great translation is the difference between accessing fifty per cent of a market and one hundred per cent of that market.

At LocaWize we translate approximately 4-5million words for our international clients every year, and we can provide a database of the most used translations for each client as necessary.