LocaWize is a consultancy and service based company that offers clients a veritable mosaic of business solutions in a wide range of industries. Our solutions and services are specifically aimed at giving clients’ with pre-existing or newly established Cambodian business the best chance of success. LocaWize is the perfect fit for those who are thinking about establishing a business in Cambodia, as well as for those who already have an established business in Cambodia, to simplify their business journey in Cambodia.

At LocaWize, we provide a myriad of customized solutions and the very highest level of consultancy on a wide variety of topics. We can help guide our clients with topics such as how to properly lodge legal documents, obtaining the correct business license, how to pay tax, and how to negotiate in the Cambodian business environment. LocaWize can ensure that our clients have the best possible experience while doing business in Cambodia.

Once our clients have their solutions in place, LocaWize is still here for the long run. We offer a wide range of ongoing services that aid clients in the smooth day to day and year to year operations of their business.

When our clients’ established businesses are in the right position to expand, our localization solutions can help to determine the best approach to ensure success. For instance, our in-house team is ready to create turnkey translation solutions for our clients. We can provide localization and transcreation solutions in most major Asian and European languages, ensuring the very best communication pathways to consumers.
Our 95% client retention rate is a testament to our dedication and our high quality services, consultancy and solutions.