LocaWize is a consultancy and service based company, committed to delivering high quality industry-focused solutions that are tailor-made to increase our clients’ competitive edge in local and global marketplaces.

The international team at LocaWize is here to help globalize our clients’ businesses and enhance their geographical business acumen through our locale-specific content management and industry-focused technological solutions.

Whether that means facilitating translation or general consultancy, LocaWize is here to service and support our clients in a wide and diverse variety of industries from manufacturing to finance and telecommunications to IT.

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Our comprehensive understanding of the Cambodian market, the potential pitfalls, and the many advantages of doing business in Cambodia, means that clients can put their trust in LocaWize’s ability to help them expand or establish their businesses. LocaWize is here to give clients the very best services and support throughout their business journey, whether their goal is establishment or expansion.

Our team on the ground in the Kingdom can provide invaluable guidance, services and support for companies doing business in Cambodia.
Our superior understanding of the business environment in the region provides our clients with a competitive advantage over their competitors.

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LocaWize is a consultancy and service based company, committed to delivering high quality industry-focused solutions. LocaWize offers a range of services, individually tailored and targeted for our clients. We understand that a solution that works in one industry may not work in another. Whether our clients are launching a start-up company or registering a business in Cambodia, LocaWize provides a comprehensive range of services to make the journey a smooth one. The following is a list of the wide range of services that LocaWize can provide to our clients. For more detailed information, please click through.



Legal, Accounting
and Tax Consulting

Visa and
Work Permit


Office Space